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Note on changes to the online download facility effective from 25 March 2009 

The South African Reserve Bank (Bank) disseminates data through different channels. One of these is the online download facility available on the Bank's website, which allows users to download data.

The objective of this note is to inform the online download facility users about the changes that have been made to this facility in order for it to be more user-friendly, improve efficiency, minimise downloading time and align it with best practice.

Particular attention is drawn to the following improvements: viewing graph(s), deleting or adding selected time series, displaying time-series frequencies, exporting data to Excel and the fixing time-series code prefix 'KBP'.

New query
Historic macroeconomic information:
The online query facility enables you to select and download Quarterly Bulletin time series. The data can be downloaded as a single time series or as multiple time series as a data set:
STEP 1  - Select a time series
OPTION 1 - Select using a time series code:
KBP code:
Code must be specified.
When searching by time series code, a wildcard(*) may be used. E.g. 123* or 12*.
A KBP prefix is automatically added to all time series codes.
OR OPTION 2 - Select a time series by keyword:
Keyword must be specified.
When searching by keyword, any keyword can be used such as "asset" or "trade".