Current Market Rates


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Current Market Rates
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  1. The weighted average exchange rate of the rand is based on trade between South Africa and its twenty most important trading partners. Index: 2015=100. (See Article in June 2020 Quarterly Bulletin for various weights).
  2. Weighted average of the banks' daily rates at approximately 10:30am.
  3. As from 1 April 2004, the rate reflected related to negotiable certificates of deposit (NCD's) (instead of promissory notes).
  4. Replacing the Saonia+, Saonia, Forex Forwards and carry rate from 27 March 2007.
  5. Bankers Acceptances are no longer issued or traded. The last BA matured on 13 September 2013 and as a consequence publication of the BA rate has been discontinued.
  6. The R2023 government bond matured on 28 February 2023 and is therefore no longer published. The rate on the R2030 is published in its place.