Publication Details

General guidelines 

1.       Purpose of survey

This survey is conducted to obtain statistical information that is required for compiling a complete set of national financial and economic accounts for South Africa.

2.       Confidentiality

Information collected will be aggregated and disseminated in the Quarterly Bulletin of the South African Reserve Bank and on the Bank's website. All information will be treated as confidential and no individual company's statistics will be separately disclosed.

3.       Coverage

Information should relate to all activities of your organisation, but not activities of foreign subsidiaries and branches.

4.       Reporting periods

All items should reflect information for the preceding quarter and this quarter.

5.       Market values

Balance sheet data should reflect market values as far as possible. All monetary values should be reported in thousands of rand.

6.       Nil returns

This form should be returned to the South African Reserve Bank even in those cases where it contains no information.

7.       Duplicate of return

A copy of this return should be retained for reference purposes.

8.       Enquiries

Enquiries should be directed to: 

Capital Market and Flow of Funds Division

Research Department

South African Reserve Bank

PO Box 7433



Telephone (012) 313-3291/3688

Fax (012) 313-4013 or by sending an e-mail by utilising the facility provided at the following address: (