Publication Details

General information


Purpose of survey

This survey is conducted for statistical purposes in order to compile official statements of South Africa's Balance of Payments and International Investment Position, of which returns also have to be submitted to the International Monetary Fund in terms of Section 5 of Article VIII of the Articles of Agreement of the Fund.


Who must complete this form

This form must be completed by residents of South Africa with foreign transactions, liabilities and assets arising from the importation and/or exportation of goods and services during the calendar year 2008.

In Part I foreign service payments and receipts must be reported. NB! In Part I no payments for the importation of goods or receipts for the exportation of goods must be reported under the item "Other".

In Part II details must be furnished of the amounts outstanding to non-residents (including companies and organisations) on the importation of goods and services as well as amounts due by non-residents on the exportation of goods and services as at 31 December 2007 and 31 December 2008.

In Part III the following information about your organisation must be furnished:

an industrial classification of activities

details of shareholding

an indication of any other foreign liabilities/assets excluding those mentioned in 2 above.

NB! PART III (c) must be completed even if all the answers are negative.



The information requested is collected in terms of the regulations published under Government Notices 702 and 703 of 20 April 1956.



In terms of clause 4 of the regulations referred to above, all employees of the Reserve Bank involved in this survey are sworn to secrecy. Over and above this provision, assurance is given that no action of any kind will be taken under the Exchange Control Regulations against any organisation or person on the grounds of information furnished in this survey.



Refusal or neglect to furnish the information called for, is an offence subject to penalty.


Completion of form

Enquiries should be addressed to Balance of Payments Division, Research Department, South African Reserve Bank, P.O.Box 7433, Pretoria 0001, telephone no.(012) 313-4955 or fax no. (012) 313-4013/3759 or E-mail:


Photostat of return

A copy of this return should be retained for reference purposes.