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South African Reserve Bank

Risk Management 

Owing to the unique role and functions of the Bank, risk management is not simply based on institutional risk and return considerations, but also takes into account national interest, in line with the statutory and constitutional responsibility of the Bank. The Bank also functions within an environment characterised by continuous change and uncertainty. This requires constant monitoring and analysis of, and appropriate response to, potential and actual risks emanating from the global political and economic environment.
In common with most central banks, the Bank is a risk averse institution. This reflects the view that satisfactory fulfilment of its role and responsibilities could be seriously jeopardised if there were to be significant disruptions to its operations and/or damage to its reputation.
The executive management of the Bank is intensely aware of the high performance standards that all role-players outside the Bank expect of the central bank. The Bank views risk management as an integral part and an essential element of good corporate governance.
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