The Financial Sector Regulation Act 9 of 2017 (FSR Act) creates an enabling framework for the regulation and supervision of financial conglomerates in South Africa. The forms relating to applications and notifications required in terms of the FSR Act and Prudential Standards for Financial Conglomerates are published below:


Form number Description Reference 
FC001 Application for approval of auditor(s) for the holding company of a financial conglomerate Prudential Standard FC03 
IF006 Approval or notification of the appointment of key persons Paragraph 29.1 - Prudential Standard FC04
BA Application for outsourcing – special outsourcing arrangements Paragraph 30.5 – Prudential Standard – FC04
IF013 Notification to outsource a material business activity Paragraph 30.6 Prudential Standard FC04
IF018 Approval for exemption to provide an ORSA/ICAAP report Paragraph 20.14 - Prudential Standard FC04
IF021 Approval to affect material acquisitions or disposals Paragraph 18.1 - Prudential Standard FC04
IF046 Notification of major disruption to risk profile Paragraph 23.5 - Prudential Standard FC04
IF054 Notification of a key person who no longer satisfies the insurer’s requirements for fit and proper Paragraph 28.5 (a) Prudential Standard FC04
IF064 Approval to appoint a chairperson who is not an independent director Paragraphs 8.5(b), 8.6(b), 8.8 - Prudential Standard FC04
IF072 Notification of the termination of the appointment of a key person Paragraph 29.3 Prudential Standard FC04
NSO001 Notification change in circumstances that may affect the fit and proper status of a key person Paragraph 28.5(b) Prudential Standard FC04 
No form– a motivating letter must be sent to the PA  An application for approval of non-executive director before 12 months cooling off period Paragraph 8.8 – Prudential Standard FC04
No form – a motivating letter must be sent to the PA An application for exemption to establish board committees by an eligible financial institution owing to the Holding company’s subcommittees covering these functions Paragraph 11.5 – Prudential Standard FC04