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General information


Information required

Information reported in this form should cover only new issues and redemptions of, and transactions in, bonds during the above-mentioned month, and should exclude data relating to loans raised or redeemed. Marketable bonds are defined as fixed-income securities that are marketable through the Bond Exchange of South Africa or through direct negotiation and for which transfer registers are usually kept.  These securities should be distinguished from other acknowledgements of debt that may not be disposed of by the holders thereof, such as non-marketable paper issued against annuity and other loans. Please note that quarterly data in respect of transactions in outstanding bonds and bond holders' total holdings are also required in Part V of this form, but only in the returns of quarter-end months, namely March, June, September and December.


Nature of issue

New issues refer to public issues as well as private placements of securities. Private placements should, however, not be confused with negotiations of loans.


Investments of internal funds

Issues of bonds by the reporting local authority to its internal funds, such as its redemption fund, should be recorded in this return, but loans received from internal funds should be excluded.


Nil return

A nil return must be submitted when no movements occurred during a month. Please note, quarter-end returns should always reflect total outstanding balances as required in Part VI.


Duplicate of return

A duplicate of this return must be retained for reference purposes.



Queries should be addressed to: Public Finance Division, Research Department, South African Reserve Bank, P O Box 7433, Pretoria, 0001;  tel. no. (012) 313-3146 and fax no. (012) 313-4014.



A reply-paid envelope is enclosed for mailing the form to the Bank.


Sector classification

Consult the latest Institutional Sector Classification Guide for South Africa and the Appendix A thereto for more detailed information on the institutional sectors. See footnotes on page 3 of this form.