Publication Details

The main purpose of the form BA940 is to obtain selected locational information

based on residence regarding-

(a)     a bank’s total financial assets or claims, including-

         (i) loans;

(ii) holdings of debt securities; and

(iii) other assets.

(b)     a bank’s total financial liabilities, including-

(i) deposits;

         (ii) own issues of debt securities; and

(iii) other liabilities.

(c)     positions across sectors, duly distinguishing between positions related to-

         (i) all sectors;

(ii) banks, in respect of which a bank shall distinguish between

(A) banks, inter-office; and

         (B) central banks

         (iii) non-bank financial institutions;

         (iv) non-financial institutions;

          (v) general government;

         (vi) households; and

         (vii) a separate category in respect of unallocated positions