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General information



Purpose of survey

This survey collects information about the holdings of  South African individuals in equity and long-term and short-term debt securities issued by unrelated non-residents as at 31 December 2008. The information will be used to compile balance-of-payments and international investment position statistics for South Africa. The survey is being conducted in co-ordination with other countries to facilitate international data comparability.



Who should complete this return?

Custodians (i.e. fund managers) who, as at 31 December 2008, manage the safekeeping of equity and debt securities issued by unrelated non-residents on behalf of South African individuals.




The information requested is collected in terms of the regulations published under Government Notices 702 and 703 of 20 April 1956.




In terms of clause 4 of the regulations referred to above, all employees of the South African Reserve Bank involved in this survey are sworn to secrecy.  Over and above this provision, assurance is given that no action of any kind will be taken under the Exchange Control Regulations against any organisation or person on account of information furnished in this survey.




Refusing or neglecting to furnish the information called for, is an offence subject to penalty.



Completion of form

The survey form should be submitted by no later than 30 April 2009 to the Research Department of the South African Reserve Bank.  This PDF attachment/file can be downloaded, printed, completed and faxed to the Reserve Bank.


Please note that if you prefer to complete and return on the Internet, you are requested to provide the Bank with the following information:


1.   The full name of your organisation.

2.   The first name and surname of the contact person.

3.   The e-mail address of the contact person.

4.   Your institution’s reference. (This number can be obtained from the label on the front page of the questionnaire.)


The e-mail address for providing this information is:  After you have registered on our system you will be notified via e-mail of your security password for logging on to the system.


Enquiries should be addressed to the Balance of Payments Division, Research Department, South African Reserve Bank, PO Box 7433, Pretoria 0001;

telephone (012) 313-3701/3379 or fax no (012) 313-4013; or




Photocopy of return

A photocopy of this return should be retained for reference purposes