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South African Reserve Bank

Exchange control legislation 

Exchange Control Regulations
as promulgated by Government Notice R.1111 of 1 December 1961 and amended up to Government Notice No. R.9 in Government Gazette No. 33926 of 14 January 2011 
The current set of Exchange Control Regulations was promulgated on 1 December 1961 and amended from time to time. In terms of the Exchange Control Regulations, the control over South Africa's foreign currency reserves, as well as the accruals and spending thereof, is vested in the Treasury. The Treasury is defined as "... in relation to any matter contemplated in these regulations, means the Minister of Finance or an officer in the Department of Finance (National Treasury) who, by virtue of the division of work in that Department, deals with the matter on the authority of the Minister of Finance".
as published in Government Notice R1112 of 1 December 1961 and amended up to Government Notice R.663 in Government Gazette No. 31153 of 17 June 2008
The Minister of Finance issues Orders and Rules under the Exchange Control Regulations and the current set was published on 1 December 1961, and amended from time to time. The Orders and Rules contain various orders, rules, exemptions, forms and procedural arrangements
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