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South African Reserve Bank

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Measuring shadow banking activities and exploring its interconnectedness with banks in South Africa
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Esti Kemp
Occasional Papers

Shadow banking entities or activities and its interconnectedness with financial intermediaries raise important policy concerns. However, research in this area in South Africa remains limited. Accordingly this paper maps the financial landscape in South Africa, focusing on non-bank financial intermediaries as well as the narrower ‘shadow banking’ measure for South Africa, measured in line with guidance provided by the Financial Stability Board. The interconnectedness between financial intermediaries in South Africa is also explored and key financial stability risks in the South African financial system are highlighted. One of the most notable risks currently is the lack of data. Whilst the shadow banking system in South Africa remains relatively small when compared to global peers, its assets under management are growing at a faster pace than those of banks. Furthermore, banks in South Africa obtain a relatively large portion of their funding from non-bank financial intermediaries and generally interconnectedness among financial intermediaries in South Africa is relatively high

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