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South African Reserve Bank

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Working Paper - WP/12/04: What price-level data can tell us about pricing conduct in South Africa
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Dr. Kenneth Creamer, Dr. Greg Farrell and Prof. Neil Rankin
Working Papers

The study of pricing microdata is emerging in the literature as an important method for understanding actual pricing conduct. Studies of the large price datasets used to compile consumer price index (CPI) and producer price index (PPI) measures have been undertaken in a number of countries, including Israel (Baharad et al. 2004), Spain (Alvarez et al. 2004), France (Baudry et al. 2007), the United States (US) (Bils and Klenow 2005), Portugal (Dias et al. 2007), Germany (Stahl 2005), Luxemburg (Lunnemann 2005), Austria (Baumgartner et al. 2005), Sierra Leone (Kovanen 2006), Italy (Sabbatini et al. 2006), Denmark (Hansen et al. 2006), Brazil (Gouvea 2007), France (Gautier 2008), Finland (Kurri 2007), the euro area (Alvarez et al. 2008), Colombia (Julio and Zarate 2008) and Slovakia (Coricelli and Horvath 2010).

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