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South African Reserve Bank

December 2018 

Publication / Publication NameRelease Date (IMF standard)Approximate release timeDescription
Balance of payments: current account of the balance of payments2018-12-0611:00

​​For period ending September 2018

Information Notice on the Official gold and foreign exchange reserves of the South African Reserve Bank 2018-12-0708:00

​For period ending November 2018

South African Reserve Bank: Statements of Assets and Liabilities 2018-12-0708:00

​For period ending November 2018

Quarterly Bulletin 2018-12-1410:00

​​For period ending September 2018

Composite business cycle indicators 2018-12-1809:00

​​​To be released on 18 December 2018

Central Government Operations 2018-12-2114:00

​For period ending November 2018

Central Government Debt 2018-12-2114:00

​For period ending November 2018

Release of Selected Monthly Data 2018-12-3108:00

​For period ending November 2018

Template on International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity 2018-12-3107:45

​For period ending November 2018

External debt 2018-12-3111:00

​To be released on 31 December 2017 for period ending 28 September 2018

International Investment Position 2018-12-3111:00

​To be released on 31 December 2018 for period ending 28 September 2018


 Content Editor

​1. Released not later than the 21st working day of a month.
2. As at 31 December of the relevant year.
NLT - no later than
* - preliminary
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