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South African Reserve Bank


The Bank's research outputs are coordinated by the Research Department. The aim is to support economic policy formulation by providing accurate economic information and well-considered research and recommendations. The Department's roles include: 
Conducting and coordinating research
  • Research on sources of data
  • Methodological research
  • Identification of economic and social interrelationships
  • Estimation and simulation of economic behaviour
  • Analysis of short-term developments and problems
  • Structural, trend and in-depth research
Collecting domestic and international economic information
  • Identification and collection
  • Compilation
  • Processing
  • Database maintenance
Analysing and interprets economic information
  • Develops positions on relevant economic issues
Distributing economic information and research results
External publications
  • Quarterly Bulletin
  • Annual Economic Report
  • Monetary Policy Review
  • Monthly Release of Selected Data
  • Research Papers
  • Other internet releases

  • Internal Publications
  • Research papers
  • Statistical releases
  • MPC background information
  • Notes on recent economic developments for meetings of the Board of Directors
  • Background information: Parliamentary Portfolio and Select Committees on Finance
  • Background information: Monetary Policy Forums
  • Other reports and reviews including formalised responses to enquiries
  • Commentary on economic matters and expert views on contentious issues
  • Attendance and participation in commissions, committees and other forums and meetings
  • Presentation of lectures and graphic presentations Participation in conferences
  • Giving guidance in respect of monetary policy and macroeconomic developments, in the form of:
    • Advice
    • Lectures and presentations
    • Formalised, structured courses
    • Conversations and discussions
    • Research publications
    • Reviews
    Assessing and assisting with the formulation of policy
    • Formulates objective viewpoints and analysis
    • Provides informed opinions
    • Advice
    Contributing to regional monetary and economic integration (SACU, CMA, SADC)
    • Provides support secretarial services to the Committee of Central Bank Governors (CCBG) in SADC
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