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South African Reserve Bank

Value system of Bank Supervision Department 

Mutual respect and trust
Mutual trust and respect is the fundamental value of Bank Supervision Department. In living this value, we
· treat all people equally and fairly, show no favouritism and provide equal opportunities to all;
· are open and transparent in whatever we do;
· are always timely and punctual;
· indicate our respect for others appropriately by means of personal gestures, e.g. thanks, congratulations, etc.;
· treat others the way we would like to be treated;
· do not pre-judge people; and
· engage in constructive feedback.
We believe that rumour mongering and gossiping is a clear sign of disrespect.
We believe that listening enhances communication and demonstrates respect.
Personal Ethics and Conduct
We value diversity in its widest sense.
We believe that honesty and integrity must be be a fundamental element of our behaviour.
We believe in being
· enthusiastic and energetic in all we do;
· open to the views of others;
· humble; and
· adaptable to change.
We believe in
· practicing and displaying a positive attitude; and
· projecting a professional image.

Work ethics
We believe in being professional in our conduct. In being professional, we
· are unbiased and objective in our dealings with stakeholders;
· respect confidentiality of all information;
· show pride in our work;
· strive for excellence;
· have a probing mind;
· are proactive;
· pay attention to detail;
· gather all the facts;
· ensure correct use of language;
· accept challenges; and
· have clearly defined deliverables.
We believe in
· efficient, effective and timely upward and downward communication;
· diligent and timely execution of our supervisory plans; and
· being available to all stakeholders, both external and internal.

Completed staff work
We believe that all work delivered should comply with the principles of Completed Staff Work. Delivered work must be of a quality that it provides
· a platform for ‘taking a position’;
· an instrument for better decision making;
· a vehicle for concurrence or non-concurrence;
· a medium for communicating;
· a formula for netting out gross inputs; and
· a check and balance to minimize the cost of wrong decisions.
Completed Staff Work thus means the deliverer provides complete and well thought through solutions.
We believe in teamwork. Teamwork in Bank Supervision Department is characterised by coordinated and integrated efforts within and between teams. This is evidenced by
· full participation in team activities and responsibilities;
· all pulling together to ensure that everybody get good results;
· going the extra mile to support team members;
· consideration for others;
· loyalty to fellow team members;
· excellence in performance;
· a positive attitude;
· oozing enthusiasm and inspiration; and
· enjoying what we do as a team.
Personal Growth and empowerment
We believe all staff members should
· have opportunities to advance and develop knowledge and skills;
· strive for excellence;
· be innovative; and
· be empowered to discharge their duties.
We believe that
· development and personal growth is a joint responsibility between the Bank and ourselves;
· all staff members are accountable and responsible for contributing to the attainment of the goals of the Department; and
· objective criticism creates opportunities for personal growth. 
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