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South African Reserve Bank

Institutional Sector Classification Guide for SA – 2017  

The Institutional Sector Classification Guide for South Africa is designed to assist respondents to complete the returns or surveys, and classify the institutional sectors according to macroeconomic statistics principles. The guide further provides information on the institutional sector classification of transactors that engage in economic activity such as production, consumption, saving and investment, paying particular attention to the classification of issuers and holders of securities, recipients and suppliers of credit, and buyers and sellers of financial assets.
The Economic Research and Statistics Department of the SARB regularly collects financial data in respect of the major institutional sectors from financial institutions such as banks, insurers and pension funds; non-financial institutions; and other organisations in the public and the private sector. This information is used to compile macroeconomic accounts for the analysis of, inter alia, the sectoral balance sheets, the flow of funds between sectors, and establishing which sectors require which types of financing and which sectors provide in these needs.
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