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South African Reserve Bank


South Africa is an active participant on various international standard-setting bodies and forums and it is therefore important for South Africa to comply, as far as possible, with best practices and standards. The Financial Stability Board, housed in the BIS, promotes 12 key financial and economic standards which are determined by various international bodies.  These standards are globally accepted as important for contributing to sound, stable and well functioning financial systems. In South Africa, we use these key standards as the basis to evaluate the robustness of financial system infrastructure.  The key standards cover the following areas:
      Monetary and Financial policy transparency
      Fiscal transparency
      Data dissemination and Data Compilation
      Corporate governance
      Banking supervision
      Securities regulation
      Payment and settlement
      Market integrity
      Insurance regulation
In addition, independent authorities such as the World Bank, the IMF and FATF conduct assessment of compliance as well on a regular basis.  South Africa is compelled  to participate in these assessments as part of our G20-membership commitments.
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