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South African Reserve Bank

Security features of banknotes 

The South African Reserve Bank has the sole right to make banknotes and coin. The reproduction of images depicting South African banknotes and coin or any part thereof is prohibited by the South African Reserve Bank Act No 90 of 1989 in order to protect users of banknotes and coin against counterfeits.
A communication campaign has been launched to ensure that as many South Africans as possible are informed about the security features of the upgraded banknote series so as to encourage the public, to check their money to make sure that they have real money.
More details may be found in the public awareness section of the Bank's site.
Security Features on South African banknotes

Banknotes have always been prone to counterfeiting. It is up to the designers and manufacturers of banknotes to deter potential counterfeiting, drawing on the expertise of the technologists, the printers and banknote paper manufacturers.
Advances in computer technology have resulted in more people having the ability to produce counterfeits. Technological advances mean that the lawful issuer has to follow the advances in technology closely and introduce security features to keep ahead of the counterfeiter.
New security and technical feature developments are therefore continuously being investigated.
The current "big five" banknote series representing the wild life animals of Southern Africa, has been created using the world’s most advanced technology. This is why the banknotes are difficult to counterfeit successfully. However, all these technological safeguards mean very little if members of the public do not take note of them, are not on the lookout for forgeries and do not report them immediately.
While the Bank has certainly created money the country can be proud of, it is up to every citizen to protect ourselves and the integrity of the country's money against counterfeiters.
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