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South African Reserve Bank

SARB Currency Mobile App  

Explore, learn and discover everything you need to know about South African banknotes with this augmented reality app. From design inspirations and the stories behind each banknote, to the technical and security features designed to protect against fraud, this app will take you on an educational journey across the South African banknotes, including the newly released Nelson Mandela commemorative banknote series.

See the life of Nelson Mandela come to life before your eyes in augmented reality.

From humble beginnings in the Eastern Cape, to the moment he was inaugurated as South Africa’s first democratically elected president, this app will take you on a journey through the great statesman’s life.
Learn about the security, technical, design and quality features.
From printing techniques to the physical characteristics, find out more about the technology underpinning each banknote the South African Reserve Bank produces.
Test your knowledge with our game.
Answer correctly, beat the clock and build up your high score. Use the game to test your knowledge and as a learning tool to expand it.
Explore the Madiba Commemorative Banknote Campaign.
Discover why these commemorative banknotes were created and what makes them unique, as well as the stories from Madiba’s life that inspired the themes and designs.
Please contact us for any further information or support: Hotline: 012 313 4706/13
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