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South African Reserve Bank

Frequently Asked Questions  

  • How do I register for Internet Banking?

    Send official communication to SARB signed by two authorised signatories with details of persons to be registered and the roles required.
  • What is my Internet Banking User ID/Username and where do I find it?

    The user ID/ username is a unique ID that is created by SARB when a user is first created on the system. It is communicated via email by the system to the user email address.

  • What do I do when logging into Internet Banking for the first time?

    ​From the Internet Banking landing page follow these steps:

    • Click on login
    • Capture the assigned user ID in the user ID field
    • And then use the password emailed to the user to log-on.
     The system will prompt the user to change password.
  • What are the password criteria for Internet Banking?

    ​The password must be alphanumeric and must contain special characters and have both lowercase and uppercase letters.

  • I have forgotten my username/password. What should I do?

    ​Users can reset their own passwords and a new password will be communicated to the user via secure email to the email address maintained in the system for the particular user.

  • What is secure email?

    ​​It is a secure mail that is encrypted to ensure that if they end up in the wrong person’s inbox or they’re somehow grabbed off your computer or the recipient’s computer that they cannot be read.

  • What features are available with Internet Banking?

    • ​​Internet Banking will allow users to transact on their accounts.
    • Users can view Internet Banking related communication from the SARB.
    • Users will be able to pull their own statements.
  • What are the benefits of the Internet Banking service? 

    • It is a simple, convenient and timely way to access and transact on your account.
    • The elimination of the manual process of requesting the transfer of funds.
  • How do I navigate around the Internet Banking site?

    A quick reference user guide will be provided to each user, and is available on the Internet Banking website.

  • What do I do if I receive a technical error?

    Take a screenshot of the error and contact your Corporate Administrator for assistance.

  • How do I search for transactions done?

    Transaction can be searched using the user reference number. Select Transaction Activities under Dashboard, and view transactions

  • Can I view my statements online?

    Yes, Internet Banking allows users access to view and download statements online.

  • How far back can I view my statements?

    Users are able to specify the period for which they require the statement which can be any date that the account was active.

  • Where will I find a proof of payment?

    • ​Proof of payment can be viewed by checking the status of a particular transaction on Internet Banking.
    • Outgoing transactions can also be viewed on the account statement.

  • Can I update information online?

    The update of information will be limited to the administrator functions.

  • What is a virtual keyboard and how does it protect me?

    ​A virtual keyboard is a computer keyboard that a user operates by typing on or with a wireless or optical device rather than by using a physical keyboard attached to a computer.

  • Who do I contact for further assistance using Internet Banking?

    ​Contact Banking Services at the SARB at the following toll free number 0800 669 491 as reflected on the Internet Banking page.

  • Is Internet Banking available 24 hours a day?

    ​No, it will only be available from 7am until 4pm, Monday to Friday.

  • Can I schedule a future dated transfer?

    ​Yes, simply select the date under “Pay Later” of your payment instruction and submit.
    Please ensure that there are sufficient funds in your account prior to the specified value date as funds will be debited from your account on the value date.

  • What internet browsers are compatible with Internet Banking?

    ​Internet Explorer 8.0 

    Internet Explorer 9.0
    Internet Explorer 10.0
    Internet Explorer 11.0
    Firefox 26 
    Chrome 31.0.1650.63
    Apple Safari 5.1.7
    Opera 18.0.1284.68pera 18.0.1284.68
  • How will I know I have the compatible browser?

    • ​Open Internet Explorer.
    • Click the tools button and then click About Internet Explorer. 
    • The pop-up screen will reflect the version of internet explorer that you are using.

 Frequently Asked Questions

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