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South African Reserve Bank


Access to and the use of the Direct Banking System (“DBS”) is subject to the terms and conditions of an agreement between the South African Reserve Bank (the “Bank”), the Corporation for Public Deposits (“CPD”) and the Customer.
The Bank and CPD shall, in providing the Customer with access to DBS, exercise reasonable care to ensure the effective and secure operation of DBS but shall not be responsible for any damages or losses which the Customer may suffer as a result of using the DBS.
The Bank and CPD have taken all reasonable steps to protect the Customer information from unauthorised access or manipulation. The Bank shall not, however, be liable or responsible for information or data interception by third parties who gain unauthorised access to the information or data and / or who alter such information or data.
The Customer indemnifies the Bank and CPD against any claims, howsoever they may have arisen, which the Bank and CPD may incur in connection with the usage of DBS by the Customer.
The service and information available on DBS is only for the authorised users. The Customer warrants that the person accessing DBS is duly authorised to do and has the necessary capacity to use and transact on DBS.
The Customer warrants that the data or information generated by the Customer and sent to the Bank using DBS is free of software defects and viruses.
The Customer acknowledges that, by accessing DBS, it has read and understands the terms and conditions of the agreement between the parties, agrees and shall comply with the said terms and conditions.
The terms and conditions of the said agreement maybe changed from time to time by the Parties, however, the latest published version of the agreement shall be applicable each time the Customer accesses and / or transacts on DBS.
Any breach of the terms and conditions of the agreement by the Customer may result in restriction or prohibition of access to DBS.
Last updated 09/12/2015
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