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South African Reserve Bank


SARB uses an ERP sourcing module as part of its Procurement process. This provides a consistent, transparent and efficient process for tendering and contract execution, delivering significant value to both our internal and external stakeholders.

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I access the RFx event I am invited to?

    For your first access you require to:
    a) log on using the username & password you received by email
    b) accept the terms & condition of the bidder agreement
    We encourage your organisation to set-up a generic e-mail address to enable ease of access to eSourcing invites e.g.
  • How can I access the event if I have lost/ forgotten my username & password?

    ​Contact SARB Supplier Administration Team at to re-set username & password.

  • Error Received (when trying to login) “Access Denied. Contact your System Administrator”

    ​a) Close all your Web Browsers
    b) Clear your Internet Cookies and Browsing History (Temporary Internet Files)
    c) Windows Button > Control Panel > Internet Options > General Tab (on Internet Options Form) > Delete (button)
    d) Now, preferably, please use Internet Explorer, as Google Chrome, seems to be troublesome at times.
    e) Please re-open a new Internet Explorer Web browser
    f) Go to this web address:

  • I would like to print the RFX info screen, is this possible?

    ​You may take screenshots of the RFX Webpage or you may simply use the „Print‟ option available under the „File‟ menu.

  • Can I print the information entered, without submitting it?

    ​You may take screenshots of the RFX Webpage that contains your „Tender Response‟ information or you may simply use the „Print‟ option available under the „File‟ menu.

  • How can I have an overview of the answers I have entered?

    ​From the „ACTIONS‟ drop-down-list, simply select the VIEW QUOTE option. Click on the GO button. You will be able to view the quote that you have submitted.

  • How can I get confirmation that my bid has been submitted?

    ​You shall receive a confirmation message as soon as you select the SUBMHow can I get confirmation that my bid has been submitted?IT QUOTE option from the ACTIONS drop-down-list.

  • I answered a question, but after logging-in again, the answer has disappeared?

    ​When compiling your Tender Response on the SARB ERP Sourcing Portal, please ensure that you frequently click on the SAVE DRAFT button, to ensure that all the information that you capture is saved.

  • How can I contact SARB regarding a question on the content of the project?

    ​There are 2 methods of communicating with SARB regarding your RFQ/RFP/RFI content:
    1. Use the Online Discussion functionality available in the ACTIONS drop-down-list on the respective Tender
    2. You can contact your SARB Procurement Consultant telephonically

  • What do I do if I made a mistake, can I revise my bid?

    ​The generic configuration of most Tenders on the SARB ERP Sourcing Portal has been set to ONLY allow Suppliers to submit 1(one) Tender Response. However, provided that you are still within the time-lines of the closing date, you should be able to resubmit your bid as the final one.

  • I have started responding to the RFx and now need to request access to be assigned to my colleague, is this possible?

    ​Once the RFx is published (Open/active) on the SARB eSourcing Supplier Portal, the Supplier Login and Username linked to the respective RFx cannot be changed.

  • I have a question relating to the RFx, how do I go about requesting for clarification?

    ​a) Use the “Online Discussions” functionality to communicate directly with the Sourcing Consultant responsible for the RFx.
    b) The response to the question will be posted on the Online Discussion board for all other bidders‟ information. SARB will not divulge which organisation posted the question

  • What is the maximum number of attachments I can attach to the RFx response?

    ​a) You can submit as many attachments as prescribed in the RFx specification.
    b) However each attachment cannot exceed 6Mb in size.


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