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South African Reserve Bank

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) 

Please refer to the FAQ's to address any other questions you have.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I register on the SARB database?

    ​A guide is provided on the Procurement site under “How to Register Your Profile.”

  • If the registration process is complete, does that mean I will get business with SARB?

    ​No it does not guarantee any procurement opportunities. However your information will be kept on a database where you may be afforded the opportunity to quote should you meet the requirements.

  • How do I obtain access to Tenders on the SARB e-procurement portal?

    ​Suppliers will be invited to tender by our sourcing team who manages the process. Please refer to the “Guide to Accessing the SARB e-Portal”.

  • How do I download the supplier registration form?

    ​Click on the link and print out the PDF copy, if you are still unable to download the form, please contact to request a copy of the form.

  • Will my company be allowed to participate in SARB’s RFx processes?

    ​Yes this will be advertised on the SARB Website – Procurement Page – under the “Open Tenders” tab. However, for Closed Tenders, these opportunities will be sent by „invitation‟ only. The responsibility remains with the supplier to regularly check the SARB website on: for new tenders that are published.

  • Who can I contact to become a supplier?

    ​A step by step guide is available on the above website, under the tab: “How to Register Your Profile.”

  • We are an SMME company; can we participate in Tender opportunities?

    ​Yes all companies are welcome to apply to Open Tenders, advertised on the SARB website.

  • How strict is the deadline for tender submissions?

    ​Any tender received after the tender deadline is not open for adjudication. There are no exceptions.

  • Can I submit a tender together with another company?

    ​Yes SARB accepts tenders from joint ventures or collaborative suppliers. However, the onus is on you to ensure that you have a back-to-back agreement with the company that you are tendering with so that you are protected.

  • What can I do if I feel that my tender was unfairly rejected?

    ​You can email a request addressed to the relevant sourcing consultant for a debriefing within 7 days from date of receipt of a regret letter; or whatever number of days have been specified on the regret letter.

  • What is the process of adding a reseller and / or product to an existing contract?

    ​All requests to add services or products to an existing valid contract will go through a tender process, unless otherwise advised by the respective sourcing consultant or contracts manager.

  • My company wants to add services to an existing contract. What is the process to do this?

    ​All SARB contracts do not allow for the adding of additional services unless it has gone through SARB‟s procurement process.
    Suppliers can only be added if an OPEN tender is issued and only for those contracts that were awarded with that condition. The responsibility remains with the Supplier to regularly check the SARB website on: for new tenders that are published.

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