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South African Reserve Bank
Monetary Policy Committee
Schools Challenge


Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) Schools Challenge
Rules for all participating teams are as follows:  


Must be a public school (public or governing body-funded public school).
- Schools must offer Economics and Mathematics as subjects.
​- Only one team can enter per school, comprising a governor and three deputy governors.
​- All team members must be enrolled for Grade 12 with Economics and Mathematics subjects.
- All team members must be fulltime learners at the school which they represent.
​- Finalists should be accompanied by their Economics teacher to the finals, to be held in Pretoria.
- Other students at an entering school can help the team to research and prepare the Monetary Policy Statement but only team members can present at the finals.
​- Teams are allowed to use data from any source (i.e. teams are not limited to only using data made available by the South African Reserve Bank (SARB), but all information obtained from other sources must be clearly referenced).
​- Teams must base their decision on data that pertains to the forecasting period of the challenge (SARB will provide the forecasting period).
​- Team members cannot be changed during the competition without prior approval from the SARB.
​- All team members must be present at the finals and be available to answer questions following the team presentation. This requirement will only be waived in exceptional circumstances and with the prior agreement with the SARB.
​- Employees and relatives of employees of the SARB are not allowed to participate in the challenge.
​- Foreign students or students with dual citizenship are not allowed to participate.
​- All essays will go through ‘Turnitin’ with a maximum allowance of 30 per cent and anything above this will lead to the disqualification of the school.
​- Essays must be typed out and if hand written, must be clear.
Prize (per Learner)
Prize (per School)
R10 000 plus iPad
R20 000
R8 000
R15 000
R6 000
R11 000
R5 000
R8 000
R3 000
R6 000
R2 000
R5 000
Winning teacher gets an iPad
All team members will receive a certificate of participation.
* These prizes are subject to change without prior notice and at the discretion of the South African Reserve Bank.
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