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South African Reserve Bank
Monetary Policy Committee
Schools Challenge

Format and purpose of finals 

During their presentation, teams will need to justify their repo rate decision to the South African Reserve Bank and Gauteng Department of Education judges.

As such, finalists should use this time to discuss in more detail some of the most important aspects of their decision and those factors that drove their decision.

The judges will already have read each finalist team’s statements. It is therefore important that teams do not repeat their own statement word for word, but rather use this opportunity to elaborate on the thinking that underpinned their statement.

Finalist teams will have only 25 minutes to make a good impression on the judges and to demonstrate what they know. So it is important that they use this time wisely! 

All finalist teams will need to elect their own Governor to deliver their more detailed presentation at the finals. Presentations must last no longer than 10 minutes. Teams that overrun their time will have marks deducted.
While the presentations themselves will be given by each team’s Governor, the whole team will take part in the question and answer session that will follow the presentation. Questions from the judges will take no longer than 15 minutes.
Judges will be looking for the following:
  • A logical structure to teams’ presentations: the presentation may follow the structure of the MPC statement that was entered, but it does not have to. The most important thing is for teams to be clear and convincing.
  • Good use of appropriate charts that are well presented (so the judges can read them).  Charts are a very useful way to present ideas and an excellent basis for discussion.
  • The depth of knowledge within the team and how well the members of the team work as a group.
  • It will be good to see learners who are prepared to talk “off the cuff” based on key ideas. However, if team members are not comfortable with that, reading from a prepared speech is perfectly acceptable.
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